Fees and charges

Preliminary assessment fees and charges

Every preliminary assessment will be assed by a Registered Migration Agent. We do not provide formula based computer generated solutions.

If your initial consultation result is unsuccessful we will refund 50% of your initial consultation feeā€¦..

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After your preliminary interview, we can then fix costs in relation to your application. Costs will depend upon the nature of your application, the complexities, the staff members involved in your application and the time undertaken to complete the task.

Post assessment fees and other charges

Many companies only show their own fees, so they ‘look cheaper’ – we are totally upfront about all costs. It is our policy to provide a fixed (total) rate for each application. The application charge or total cost estimate provided to you (in your assessment report), includes:

All visa application fees payable to DIAC
All ASA professional fees in relation to the entire application
All courier, and mailing costs from ASA to DIAC/authorities in Australia in relation to your application
All members of the family unit that can be included in the application are included
Full access to a wide range of guides/checklists/forms/info applicable to you covering from the visa application through to planning your move, setting up a business, finding employment and much more
All email, phone and personal consultations with you in relation to your visa application from date of appointment to the day you arrive in Aus, and beyond
All communication between AMC and DIAC in relation to the specific application
All charges payable to the relevant occupations assessment authorities in relation to your occupations assessment (if applicable).
Free and on-going general advice and guides

All visa application / skill assessment costs vary, so please register now to speak to a consultant!

The costs of migration can vary a lot and there are many factors to consider.

From person to person and from family to family – there are always individual circumstances and factors that can play a role in the overall costs.
Each migrant has his or her own standards and requirements. One migrant takes up residency in Melbourne, the other in Perth – all of these factors greatly influence the cost of migration.
Visa costs also vary a lot, and depends on the specific visa class – costs can be from AU$ 200 to as much as AU$ 70 000 (for a parent contributory visa).
In most cases, the total visa costs (including all government fees as well as professional fees) are +- AU$ 5000 – 7000 for a family unit.